Sunday, November 23, 2008

Trend of monsoon rainfall in Marshyangdi !

We have found something interesting in the trend of monsoonrainfall in the Marshyangdi subcatchment of Nepal. I hope I would be able to share this with you all in near future !


Monday, November 17, 2008

Nepalese Monsoon !

Definitely, a linkage between EL Nino/La Nina and the Nepalese monsoon could be found sigificant. We are still working on that with reference to a small catchment in my home district of Tanahun ! Lets see what happens and how far we can go into that !


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Asian Monsoon Variability

There are recent stories about the remarkable fluctuations in Asian monsoon. The monsoon , upon which my entire country - Nepal depend for its agri and agri based industry and the monsoon which means a major way of life to more than 60% of the worlds's population is fluctuating basically due to three major reasons:

1. Tibetan Aerosols
2. El Nino/ La Nina
3. Indian Ocean SST anomalies

the detail mechanism of the variability is yet a subject of ystery to the scientific world.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nuclear Society of Nepal Organises Second AGM and Conference on Nuclear Radiation

Kathmandu,16 June

Nuclear Society of Nepal ( NUSON) organised a one day conference on Nuclear radiationin Kathmandu.Experties from various fields presented papers and delivered speeches on the significance of nuclear radiation in Nepal.

Hon'ble minister for Environment,science & Technology , Mr.mahanta Thakur highlighted upon the recent progress in the field of nuclear researches and obtaining the membership of IAEA by Nepal.

Each session was chaired by various professionals of the field including : prof. Dr. lok N.Jha, Dr. kamal K. Shrestha and Prof. Dr. Sesh K. Aryal.

the scientific session observed presentation of 10 papers excluding one Poster presentation from the Central Department of Chemistry - Mr. Prashant Rajbhandary

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nepal Nuclear Society meets minister for Scienece and Technology

Members of Nuclear Society of Nepal sat on a closed meeting with the minister of Science and Technology - Mahanta Thakur today at the minister's office.The major agendas put in discussion by the society were - Nepal's entry in IAEA, setting a national board on radiation monitoring and the conduction of annual general meeting of the society.
The minister was quite positive on all the agendas put by Prof. Dr. Devi Dutta Poudyal, Prof. Dr. Tara Manandhar and Prof Dr. Kamal k. Shrestha.
Finally, meeting concluded with the minister's acceptance of the proposal for inagurating the annual assembly of the society- NUSON.

Naresh Neupane (executive member - NUSON)

Monday, May 21, 2007

High radioactivity area in the Kathmandu Valley

Photographs of Shivapuri Area in the northern border of the Valley

Last year I carried out research on the nuclear background radiation in the Shivapuri area.

I ended up with the following conclusion:
Though tolerable to humans, certain locations have higher level of natural radioactivity in the soil. The locations are Tokha Jhor area, Budhanilakantha, Salinadi area and Narayan Khola.

I have joined the blogworld

I have joined the blogworld.

Though I have been reading blogs for a couple of years, finally I have started blogging.

Being an environmentalist I have got my observation to share with the world, which I will be doing through this blog.

I am also a repsonsible citizen--politically conscious one- so I may have some commentaries over the social and political happenings around me. So blog can be, I think, the best platform for me to express myself.

Since I believe in sharing, I would appreciate your comments. Comment is reward for the writer. Don't you agree with me?